Chimney Cleaning

Chim-Tek Solutions CorpRegular chimney cleaning is an essential part of home maintenance. This is because chimneys accumulate a build-up of byproducts that can cause problems. Byproducts tend to obstruct the chimney and can even cause a chimney fire if left unchecked. Dirty chimneys also present other problems – smoke, soot, bad odors, and lower indoor air quality. All of which can ruin your fireside experience.

Chim-Tek Solutions Corp provides excellent chimney cleaning services. Not sure if it’s time for the next cleaning? Call us for an inspection! Our team will conduct a video inspection of your chimney and tell you if your chimney needs a sweep.

Schedule a Sweep!

A thorough and clean chimney sweep is what you get with us. We will remove the creosote and other buildup from your chimney walls.

With Chim-Tek Solutions Corp, chimney cleaning doesn’t get messy. Our crew takes the utmost care to make sure your home remains neat and clean during and after the sweep. To do this, we use specialized tools and equipment to contain and clean up the residue loosened during the sweeping process.

Don’t postpone your chimney maintenance plans! Regular inspections and cleaning not only improve air quality but also prevent fire and smoke hazards.

Schedule your next chimney sweep to stay warm & stay safe this winter! Call us on 973-472-2400973-472-2400 Or fill out the Form to request an appointment online.